Bad Candy

Bad Candy is a brand new puzzle game that you can't take your eyes off it - literally! It tests your concentration, like a visual sudoku.

Bad Candy is a brand new puzzle game

Bad Candy improves upon the classic game-play of Sudoku and Minesweeper with several new twists that bring new challenges to your daily quest for puzzle adventure. Players begin with a board of candies that they need to flip in order to find good candy. Once flipped, the direction that the good candy looks will give you a clue as to which candy it believes might be bad. The more good candy you flip, the easier it gets to guess where the bad candy might be. Flip one bad candy though, and it’s game over.

60 eye-numbing levels!

At LandShark Games, we love to make games that deliver enjoyment and challenge to gamers of all ages. Bad Candy players will discover that the simplicity of the game’s early levels quickly deepens into some unpredictable twists and challenges.

Bad Candy on the go!

You can play Bad Candy on iPhone, iPads and Facebook now. You can sync your progress on your desktops to your mobile devices and vice versa. You’ll be able to keep right on playing, no need to start over.

More fun with friends

When you need a little help in the game it’s good to be able to call on your friends, so once you’ve started to play, let them know so they can join you. You can see their progress in the game and even try to beat their scores on each level.