Monster Candy

Monster Candy is a puzzle game that you just can’t take your eyes off – literally! Gather your wits and challenge yourself to a game of concentration, and spot them before it’s too late!

Strategic Puzzle Game

Inspired by the classic game-play of Sudoku and Minesweeper, Monster Candy brings a new twist to the well-loved puzzle solving challenge. Players begin with a board of candies that they need to flip in order to find the good candies and capture the Monster Candies.

Eye-dentify the Monster Candy!

Tapping on a good candy will give you a directional clue of where the hidden Monster Candies are – the good candies will keep an eye out for suspicious candies. The more good candies you tap, the closer you get to eye-dentifying the bad candies. But be warned – tap a Monster Candy and it’s game over!

No Ads, No Fuss!

Monster Candy doesn’t have ads to distract you from saving the good candies. As a premium game at an affordable price, you know you’ll be getting for what you paid for – hours of non-stop strategic puzzle goodness!