Aviator is a fun-filled aviation empire building game. The following section describes the various parts of the game and how they can help you build up the greatest aviation empire ever seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Status Bar

Status Bar


1. Your Aviator
That’s who you are! The tireless, adventure-seeking and resourceful Aviator/Aviatrix.

2. Cash
The amount of cash you have. This is earned through delivery of passengers and cargo, completion of quests, gifts from friends and many other ways. Use it to build up your aviation empire.

3. Facebook Credits
The amount of Facebook credits you have. Purchased from Facebook, this can be exchanged for special items that can give you a great boost.

4. Experience Points and Level
Experience accumulates as you fly around and complete quests. Every level gained gives you some bonuses.

5. World Map
Allows you to access other regions of the world that you have successfully unlocked. Expand your adventures to other parts of the world.

6. Inventory and Quest Journals
View items in your inventory and quest story-lines as they progresses. See section on Journal.

7. Quest Tips
Provides information on what you have to do to complete your current quests.

8. Quest Progress Bar
Shows your current percentage of completed quest for your current continent

9. Current Passenger Load
Shows the number of passengers currently aboard your plane. Mouse-over each of them to reveal their destination.

10. Current Cargo Load
Shows the amount of cargo currently loaded on your plane. Mouse-over each of them to display their destination.

11. Fuel Level
The amount of fuel in the plane. Fuel is automatically bought before travelling to another city, and can be gifted to a friend.

12. Repair Level
The level of repair the plane has. The repair level increases automatically over time. When this is zero, the plane cannot fly. The plane can be repaired immediately with a repair kit (facebook credits required).

13. Settings
Allows you to play/stop the background music and sounds, change flags between 1930’s flags and the current modern flags of the country. There is also a restart button that allows you to restart the game from the very beginning of Africa.

14. Save Game
Saves the current progress of the game. Your game progress is automatically saved every time you fly as well.

15. Help A Friend
Shows your friend details and let you send a gift to your friend.

16. Inventory
Shows your current inventory including flight certs and repair kit.

17. Supplies
Shows the supplies window which you can buy more supplies using Facebook credits.

18. Achievements
Shows the different achievements that is attainable in thie continent.

About Cities and Buildings

About Cities and Buildings


A whirlwind tour of your cities. Some buildings are not available from the start of your game, and you will need to purchase them. And doing so will take your aviation empire soaring to even greater heights!

1. Hotel

This is where passengers can be picked up. At certain points in the game, some characters may also appear in the hotel to advance your quests. Be sure to talk to them!

2. Depot

Depots are where cargo can be found, to be shipped to other cities. Certain quest items may need to be picked up from there too. Sometimes, you may also find mystery packages as well that you can send to your friends to aid them in their game.

3. Airport
To fly your plane to another city, you will need to go to where else but the airport. A regional map with all available flight links will then be displayed, for you to choose your next destination. (See regional and world map section.)

4. Market

Master the intricacies of commodity trading and amass for yourself a ripe fortune. No really, it’s quite simple – buy low, sell high.

5. Workshop

Drooling at the DC-3 your friend owns? Workshop is where you get to upgrade your plane to outshine your competition. It is also the place to customize your plane with:

  • Seats – so you can carry more passengers
  • Fuel Tanks – so you can fly further
  • Repair Units – so you can make more flights before having to repair
About Journal

About Journal

The journal has three sections:

Index page:

This page allows you to jump to any other section of the story, by clicking on the ‘Contents’.

Inventory page:


In the inventory page, you can see the items that you possess. These special items can be used for things such as; full instant repair to your plane, $10,000 cold hard cash (in-game currency of course), or a boost to your passenger and cargo queues for a given city. These can be obtained by purchasing them using your Facebook credits, given to you through attaining the next level, or sometimes, when a generous friend delivers a mystery package to you. To use an item, just click on it and a confirmation dialog will pop up. If you click on an item for which you have none in stock (such as the ‘ADVERT’ above), you will be presented with an option to purchase it instead.

Supplies page:

In the supplies page, you can buy supplies such as Mangoes and Cashew nuts using Facebook credits. To use a supply, just click on it and a confirmation dialog will pop up.

Story pages:
The remainder of the Journal is filled with a history of all the story you’ve discovered in the game so far. You can reminisce on the sweet moments of your adventures, or refer back to an important bit of dialogue that you may have forgotten after a long flight and its accompanying jet lag (the latter would be self-induced – it is not included in the game).

About The Regional Map

About The Regional Map

When you click on the airport, a map of the region will be shown, containing the flight links you have already available.

  • Green cities are those that you can fly to.
  • Red cities with a dash are those that are out of range of your plane.
  • Red cities with a curved line are within range of your plane, but without an existing flight link. Simply click on that city to purchase a flight link.

Invite a Friend to play

Why not invite your friends along for the ride? Click on the “Invite Friends” tab on the top, and a Facebook friend invitation dialog will be presented to you. Select your best pals to be your business rivals, nothing wrong with a little friendly competition.


I want play Aviator fullscreen!

I want play Aviator full-screen!

While the game does not have a full-screen mode, you can press F11(PC) to make your browser go full-screen.

How do I unlock other continents?

How do I unlock other continents?

Complete all the Quests in Africa to unlock the next continent. There’s a thin progress bar in the Top right corner that will tell you how close you are to unlocking the next continent.

How do I get more Flight Certs?

How do I get more Flight Certs?

Best way to get Flight Certs. is to set up your ‘gift of choice’. First open up your player profile by clicking your picture at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the “I need…” button on your player profile, and select Flight Certs. Then get a few friends to click the ‘help friend’ button in your player panel. They can give you one a day and you may also want to help them in return. You can also buy them with Facebook credits.

I need Friends

I need Friends

You can invite your friends to play. Or try the forums. There are lots of people there looking for new friends who are fellow Aviators.

I need a bigger plane and I do not have enough friends

I need a bigger plane and I don’t have enough friends

Try the forums. There are lots of people there looking for new friends who are fellow Aviators. The other alternative is to spend a few credits on buying a plane that will help you complete Africa. The cheapest plane that will get you all the way through Africa is the DC3.

My friend accepted my invite but does not show up in my friends list.

My friend accepted my invite but doesn’t show up in my friends list.

It’s most likely because your friend has blocked the game. Thus we, and you, can’t see him/her anymore. Can you check with them and see if that’s the case?

I did not get my gift(s)

I didn’t get my gift(s)

If you *know* with certainty your friend sent you a gift that you didn’t receive and can tell me the date and time they sent it to you (exactly, and with time zone) and the name of the friend (as long as you only have a few friends) then I can try to track it down.

Clearing the cache

Clearing the cache

IE 9 – Click the ‘Gear’ icon in the top Right corner and select “Internet Options” from the dropdown menu. Under the “Browsing History” section of the General Tab, click the “Delete…” button. Make sure “Temporary Internet Files” is the only box that is checked, then Click “Delete”

IE 8 – Once your browser is open, click the Tools menu. Click on Delete Browsing History…, Select Temporary Internet Files. Click the Delete button near the bottom of the window to delete your temporary files (i.e. clear your cache).

Chrome – In Chrome press Ctrl-Shift-Delete, make sure “Empty the Cache” is the only box checked, and then click the “Clear browsing data” button.

Firefox – At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP) and then click Options. Select the Advanced panel. Click on the Network tab. In the ‘Cached Web Content’ section, click ‘Clear Now’. And click ‘OK’ to close the Options window.


Don’t worry, you didn’t lose your money and plane. Click on the Globe at the top of the screen to open up the world map. Then click on Africa – there they are! Now every day you can continue to play Africa, and then switch to Europe and start to build your business there too. You’ll find your bigger plane in Africa will help you level up faster, by carrying passengers, and there are achievements to be gained in Africa for ‘opening a market in every city’, ‘opening a workshop in every city’, and accumulating $1M, $10M, and $100M.

Why do we have you start over with a small plane? The answer is one of game-balance. Part of the fun of playing Africa is working towards buying your next plane and building up your funds from almost nothing. If you start Europe with a DC3 and a couple of million – most of the challenge and fun would be gone.

How do I save my game?

How do I save my game?

The game is saved automatically every time you fly. You can also save it by clicking the save button (with the downward arrow) on the Left hand side of the screen

This flag is offensive!

This flag is offensive!

I have two set of flags in the game now, the authentic 1930’s flags, and the modern flags. Click the gears icon on the left hand side of the game and then click the Flag button. You can now choose modern flags or 1930’s flags as you prefer. Let me know if you have any trouble as it’s a new feature.

I bought a link and now many of my flight certificates are missing!

I bought a link and now many of my flight certificates are missing!

You might like to know how we calculate Flight Path costs.

Each time you buy a link between two cities it has both a dollar cost (based on distance) and a certificate cost. But how is the certificate cost calculated?

Before the link between cities A and B are created, we look at each of those cities and take the one with the most existing links to it.

If that city has one link, there is no flight cert cost.

If that city has two links, it costs 1 Flight cert.

If that city has three existing links, it costs 2 Flight certs.

4 existing links costs 4 Flight certs.

5 existing links costs 8 Flight certs.

6 existing links costs 16 Flight certs.

7 existing links costs 32 Flight certs.

8 existing links costs 64 Flight certs to add the 9th.

… and so on.

The idea is to build a Flight path network that gives you good connectivity between cities – but doesn’t have too many connections into any one city (that’s when things become expensive).

Planning your flight network

Planning your flight network

It’s important to plan your flight paths wisely. Try to have only two connections to each city, and don’t connect every city to every other city – or you’ll run out of Flight Certificates very quickly.

Where is the Pink Honey Rose?

Where’s the Pink Honey Rose?

You may have to visit Warsaw a few times – it’s quite rare.

Where do I find typewriters (or other commodity)?

Where do I find typewriters (or other commodity)?

Check all your Markets. The commodity you’re looking for might show up in any one. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try opening up more markets. Alternatively you can wait 24 hours for the markets to refresh. Then, if the price is low enough, the commodity may appear. Another way to get commodities is to ask your friends for them. First open up your player profile by clicking your picture at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the “I need…” button on your player profile. After that players who ‘help’ you will send you one of the newly selected item. Lastly, most commodities can be bought with 1, 2, or 3 Facebook Credits.

The Game would not load!

The Game won’t load!

My guess is there’s an issue with your cache – sometimes a file downloads incorrectly and messes things up. Try emptying your browser cache. If you let me know what browser you have I can give you instructions. Or check this FAQ for instructions.

I can not click on Bob

I can’t click on Bob

Most likely there is someone else in the hotel you have to talk to first. Once you’ve had a conversation with the other person, then you can talk to Bob. If this doesn’t describe or fix your problem – please let me know.

I can no longer fly planes between Cairo to Nairobi even though I have the flight path!

I can no longer fly planes between Cairo to Nairobi even though I have the flight path!

The problem is some of the bigger planes don’t have quite the same range as the smaller ones. The plane you have now probably has quite a bit less range then the one before it. You can see the ranges of each of the planes on the clipboard in the workshop. Upgrading your plane will most likely help, or you can find an alternate route, but if you need a boost now, then buying a couple of Fuel-Tanks from the workshop will probably do the trick.

When will a full screen option be available?

When will a full screen option be available?

If you press F11 that will maximise your browser so you can see more of the game. Press F11 again to return to normal.

I have a Mystery package to deliver to one continent, but I am in another!

I have a Mystery package to deliver to one continent, but I’m in another!

This bug has been solved but if you are still having an issue with this problem, do contact us on our fan page using the message button.

I can not invite my friends to play!

I can’t invite my friends to play

If you can’t use the Invite Friend tab, you can just send your friends a link to the game in email or as a Facebook message – once they start playing they will show up in the game next time you start playing.

Why do not I get my achievement in Africa.

Why don’t I get my achievement in Africa.

If you have not granted (or if you have removed) the ‘publish actions’ permission then we can’t register the achievements with Facebook. I’m putting a new fix live soon but it will still require you grant the ‘publish actions’ permission for it to work.

I can see I have new notifications, but why is there nothing for me when I get into the game?

I can see I have new notifications, but why is there nothing for me when I get into the game?

When your friends give you a gift, or deliver a Mystery package to you, then you’ll see the little notification indicator telling you there’s something waiting for you in Aviator. But there’s other things that generate notifications as well. When your friend sends you a chat message in the game, that generates a notification, and sometimes our publisher 6Waves will send out a reminder notification. These do not have gifts associated with them. That’s why sometimes you’ll get notifications, but no gifts.

I tried to play the game and all I got was a black screen with a sad jigsaw piece in the middle

I tried to play the game and all I got was a black screen with a sad jigsaw piece in the middle

It means your flash plugin has crashed. Closing all browser windows and restarting the browser again should fix the problem.

I cannot get to Asia

I can’t get to Asia

If you have spoken to Uncle Owen in New York City and he’s told you he’s off to Asia, but you don’t get the transition to Asia, Please let me know. This situation happens to less than 1% of players but until we track down the problem your best bet is to contact us directly (see option B below).

I have read the F.A.Q. and the Help (twice) and I still cannot find the answer to my question…

I’ve read the F.A.Q. and the Help (twice) and I still can’t find the answer to my question…

Option A: For *add me* requests try the forum. It’s a great place to meet other players, find answers, and ask questions. At this time it’s un-moderated so please use the forums responsibly.

Option B: Send us a message through the Fan Page. Go the fan page and click the button “Message” just under the cover photo on the left. I’ll keep trying to get through the messages once a day.

Option C: Official support is now handled by 6Waves. Please contact them through this link:

Option D: Adding comments to a Wall post. Not a great way to get in touch with us as it’s not an official support mechanism. A great way to interact with other players though.

If you have any other problems that are not answered here, or suggestions, please feel free to contact the developer below:


Send your request for support at support@landsharkgames.com
Please include your UID number in which can be found towards the end of the game area in your message to us so that we can better troubleshoot your problem.

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