We hope with the making of ‘Aviator’ we are helping to redefine the casual social games space, by ‘upgrading’ casual game players to mid-core social games with the focus on story-based gameplay. As the social games market matures, players will demand more sophisticated, deeper gameplay experiences while still appealing to a broad audience.


Paul Naylor is the founder of LSG, and the lead developer of Aviator. Paul has been developing software professionally for more than 20 years. He’s worked for Games companies like Broderbund, and Cinemaware, and it’s safe to say, games development is in his blood. If you like the game, found a bug, or just want to say ‘hi’ – drop him a message!

Kim Tay Naylor is the Art Director for Aviator and has like a bzillion years of digital art and web design experience. If you want to tell her how much you like the colour of any particular pixel or the arrangement of the user interface elements send her a message!

David Le is the newest member of the LandShark Games team, and our first full time Employee. He studied at NTU in Singapore, and should soon recieve his PhD.

Yeo Loon Chew Like a fiery archangel descending from the heavens, Loon Chew swooped in at the 11th hour and came to our rescue. He rapidly absorbed the general structure of the codebase, started coding systems on client and server to improve gameplay, and later helped obliterate a bunch of bugs! His magic can be seen in the smooth waving flags, the notifications to friends when you deliver their mystery packages, the help page, the plane purchase locking, and the initial Flight Certificates implementation, to name just a few.


Imaginary Friends are the talented team of artists and illustrators who applied their exceptional skills to Aviator, including:
Jennyson Rosero – characters and asset creations
Derrick Chew “DCWJ” – African landscape, interior environments,
Marc Lee – North American and Europe landscapes
Stanley “Artgerm” Lau – Art Director
and under Kim’s and Ling Yan’s guidance, they gave us backgrounds, planes, characters, decorations, buildings, etc. with which we could create the game.

Melvin Yong was the primary writer on Aviator. He wrote the majority of Africa, and all of Europe story himself. He brought us the Europe and US characters, and masterminded the stories that tie them all together. He is also an avid reader and master chef!

Joy Tully wrote all of the North America Story. She joined the team as we were rushing to finish the game, but under pressure managed to generate a great story with loads of intrigue and excitement.

June M. H. Yang (aka Merlin Harkow) was the first writer on Aviator, before she moved on to bigger things. She proposed the characters of Paul, Marike, Uncle Owen (who went through more name changes than we’d care to mention), Haroun, Pierre, Wilhelm and Eva. You can also thank her for the Chamberpot and the first Marike Quest. She is also a budding film director, and is rather fond of cats.


Beyond the development team there are a number of people who lent a hand in making this game, without which the game could simply not have been made.
The Alpha Test Team! (aka the A-Team)
William, James, Davey, Alison, Ling Yay, Mae, Andy, Rod, Karen, Ariane.

…more to come…