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About the in-game interface

In-game interface


1. Monster Candies you need to find
This shows the number of Monster Candies you will need to find to complete the level.

2. Good candies saved number count
This shows the number of good candies you have to save

3. Open-eyed candy
Tap on the open-eyed candy to reveal suspicious candies from it’s line of sight. The dimmed out candies with 'X' on them indicates a potential monster candy.

4. Magic Hint Wand button

The Wand powerup will reveal 1 good candy safely for you.

5. Alarm Clock button

The Alarm powerup will wake sleeping candies up Sleeping Candy

6. Music Box button

The Music Box powerup will remedy crazy-eyed candies Crazy Candy

7. Scissors button

The Scissors powerup will snip the blindfolds off Blindfolded Candies

8. Flag a possible Monster Candy button
Tap The Mark Button once to activate flagging mode. Tap on candies with “+” to flag them as potential monster candies and tap on “-” to deselect them. Tap on this button again to turn flagging mode off.

9. Time Indicator
The time indicator helps you to keep track of the time spent on solving each level. Your best times are saved for you to beat your own record in future!

10. Settings Button
Tap on the settings button and a pop up will appear. Tap on The Sound button or The Music button to toggle on/off Sound and Music effects respectively.

Where can I download Monster Candy?

Where can I download Monster Candy?

Monster Candy is now available for download on Google Play Store and App Store

How do I save my game?

How do I save my game?

The game is saved automatically every time you finish a level. If you exit the app before completing a level, you will lose the progress for that level.

I have read the F.A.Q. and I still cannot find the answer to my question(s).

I’ve read the F.A.Q. and I still can’t find the answer to my question(s).

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