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Game Tips

1. Having trouble fulfilling orders from Bob?

Completing Bob’s request

You’ll often find Bob will ask you for something that simply can’t be found anywhere, or perhaps some can be found, but not enough. There are several options:

If you haven’t delivered anything to Bob yet, just go see Bob and tell him you can’t fulfil the order – he’s completely understanding, and he’ll be back soon enough asking for something else. It helps to have in idea of what’s in your markets before accepting a quest from Bob.

However, if you’ve started delivering – then it might be best to continue and fulfil the order. Open new markets if possible, they may have what you are looking for.

You can click on your ‘portrait’ down the bottom of the screen and set your gift preference to the missing commodity.

Click on “I need”


Select the item you need. This way your friends can send you the few you are missing.

The markets change their contents and pricing every day or so, so if it’s not there today, it might be there tomorrow.

Finally, for a few cents you can buy the missing commodities from the Supplies page of your Journal.


2. Do you want to know how you can level up faster?

How to level up faster

In a word: Passengers. Outfit your plane with passenger seats and fly passengers from place to place. Try to move the bigger groups and pick passengers to nearby destinations over ones that are further away.

Also – if you’ve opened up Europe, don’t forget to click on the world map icon and jump back to Africa to use your plane there as well. The more regions you move passengers in the faster you’ll gain experience.

3. Do you want to know how to make lots of money?

How to make lots of money

The best pace to make money is by opening up a few (3 at least) markets and work your way up to trading the premium commodities like Silver or Caviar.

Look for low or very low prices for these items and buy, then sell somewhere nearby at a higher price. A few trips like that and you’ll have more money then you know what to do with!

4. Having trouble removing passengers or cargo?

Can’t seem to remove passengers or cargo

Normally, if you’ve taken on passengers or cargo mistakenly you can just dump them from the plane. But if the passengers or cargo are related to a quest then you can’t remove them from the plane.

This isn’t a problem, but occasionally it is – particularly if you can’t deliver them because you don’t have a flight path to that city and can’t afford one.

What you can do if you find yourself in this situation is to click on your ‘portrait’ down the bottom of the screen and set your gift preference to ‘silver’. You’ll have one spot free on your plane so you can put the gifted silver on your plane (by ‘using’ the gift) and then sell it and buy the missing flight path.

It’s not elegant but as the song says: you’ll get by with a little help from your friends.

5. How do you open up new regions?

Opening up new regions in the World

You start in Africa, but after a while you’ll start to wonder, “When will I get to see the rest of the world?”.

Each region has a series of quests that make up a story that must be completed before you can proceed to the next level. Once you complete the Africa Story, you proceed to the next continent.

At the moment, you can explore 3 continents. The 4th continent expected release will be early next year.

If you have any other problems that are not answered here, or suggestions, please feel free to contact the developer

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