Until two days ago I hadn’t even heard of ASO (App Store Optimization). Our one game on the Apple App Store was languishing, but 5 minutes with SensorTower and I can see why. Using their Keyword ranking research tool, I can see that our choice of name and description mean we are buried under 1000′s of other apps competing for our keywords ‘Candy’ and ‘Puzzle’, despite our 4.5 star rating.

Here we can see the Traffic numbers are less than the iPhone Difficulty numbers across all three keywords. Clearly not a good situation to be in, but knowing this is half the battle and SensorTower gives us that knowledge.
SensorTower gives us new hope that we can choose and utilise our keywords more carefully for Bad Candy and for future games which should go a long way to helping up on the App Store. Go check them out – www.sensortwer.com