Bad Candy is the latest Facebook and iOS game by LandShark Games, the creators of ‘Aviator’ on Facebook. Bad Candy introduces puzzle logic fans to a game unlike anything else out there.

Bad Candy’s premise is simple; players begin with a board filled with candies that they will need to use as clues to assess whether a candy is good or bad. Each good candy offers hints to help players determine where the bad candy (or candies) might be. But, flip one bad candy and it’s game over.

With 60 levels of play, Bad Candy isn’t short on challenges for puzzle game fans of any age. Early levels teach players how to work with good candy and their line-of-sight to identify where bad candy might be hiding. In later levels, the bad candy fight back by putting good candy to sleep, confusing them and even blindfolding them. But with the player’s help, sleeping candies can be awoken, confused candies can be soothed, and blindfolds removed. If you are out of moves, there is the Hint Wand to help you reveal one good candy safely.

Bad Candy for Facebook and iOS aren’t individual products where players have to unlock each level on each platform to enjoy. Unlock a level on one, and it will be unlocked on the other – a great way to play even when you’re on the road. Bad Candy also lets players compete to see which level their friends have mastered as well, and ranks you and your friends on both score and speed on each level.

Just when players think they’ve got things figured out though, the bad candies pull out new tricks to try to remain hidden. Catch them if you can!

[h2 align=’left’]Game Features at a Glance[/h2]
– Simple yet engaging play mechanics
– Challenges your skills in logic and deduction
– 60 unique levels to explore
– Play Bad Candy on the go, on iPhones and iPads and soon on Andriod devices
– Sync to Facebook easily and play Bad Candy on Facebook Canvas and mobile platforms.
– Play with your friends. See their progress and try to beat their scores!

[h2 align=’left’]Game Trailer[/h2]
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[h2 align=’left’]Screenshots[/h2]